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    HD4President Announces New Album And Artistry

    The inflammable Louisiana-based artist HD4President is in and out of LA causing ruckus with his new album, Find My Way. To compliment the release of the album, the artist releases the single, “Bussin” and its visual alongside the peppery track. HD4President brings the season in with a bang, flaunting his high end swag and brilliant ice game in the video. He boasts a mouth full of gold and gold dread locks that hang and sway as he speaks. With our team learning of HD’s strapping presence, of course HypeFresh sits down with the artist to get to know him a little better.

    HD4President’s Persona and Artistry

    HD4President rubs his hands together as he shares his vulnerability as a humble artist, sharing that sometimes he doesn’t know who he is. As most artists, this is common and a mark that the artist in all reality is actually dope as hell. Hailing from the inconsequential town of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he explains his love for music. Since a child, the rapper illustrates his desire to be a rapper one day.

    “Humble, hungry and eager to be more successful. Ambition.”

    His riches transpires from his very own home as he chooses to record in his comfort zone rather than in a big time studio. The artist creates an inspirational space in his home base studio with posters of Lauryn Hill, Kobe, Prince, Lil Wayne and Tupac. He feels that he expands his creativity with them all watching over him as he does his thing. HD4President brags about not writing songs since 2008. When he goes to the studio, he does a few bars at a time, composing the track as he goes. HD4President explains that after hearing the beat, he is able to put words to the melodies. He states that sometimes some artists can go in on the beat doing twelve bars at a time. For HD4President, it’s faster and easier to feel it. Writing makes him think too hard, hindering his creativity.

    More on HD4President

    “Touch Down to Cause Hell” is a track where the artist had a few of the lyrics in his head on his way home one day. “Hold up, Shawty smoking Za Za out the blunt…” was the start to the song. Then he added to it as the beat intensified.

    Summers in LA for HD4President are all about the food, the scenery and the women, of course! Once or twice a month the artist says that he visits the city just to get the feel. For him, being in the Hollywood makes him want to go harder. He states that his first time in LA, a few years ago, that he didn’t have much money, but he spent like he did. But now that he has it, going to LA is that much more pleasurable.

    HypeFresh asks HD what artists he plans to work with for forthcoming projects, he quickly answered, Lil Baby. We asked what producers he plans to work with in the future, he replies the he is actually working with the legend, Jazzy Pha now. He also plans to work with London on da Track, Manny Fresh and DJ Mustard.

    HD4President gives credit to Young Thug and Gunna behind the inspiration for his single, “Bussin”. The artist compares the song to the likes of their collab, “Ski”. He refers to the visual as icy and spicy, a vibe to match the song.

    HD4President shares his most recent major move, being signed to the major record label, Motown Records. Growing up, the artist’s favorite movie was The Temptations, making this a huge deal for him.

    He plans to work harder than ever in 2022, dropping new music, turning up even harder. You can find him on all platforms as @HD4President.

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