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    Haseley Returns From Leave of Absence; injury updates.

    Adam Haseley is back!

    Adam Haseley returns after month long leave of absence. No statement given on why he left. Adam Haseley, MLB, Phillies All Rights Reserved | Twitter

    Fortunately for the Phillies, Adam Haseley has returned from his leave of absence. The Center Fielder left for about a month, only stating for personal reasons. There had been much speculation. Had he left for mental health? Is someone in his family sick from Covid? Regardless, the Phillies have been struggling with many players currently on the injury list. Can they recover with Hasley’s presence on the team?

    Why did he leave in the first place?

    The most speculation is that his leave of absence was mental health related. Additionally, rumor has it that Haseley was struggling adjusting to the Majors. The ballplayer wasn’t playing at his top potential despite his numbers indicating that he should have been successful. If this is true, Haseley’s absence could have been used to refocusing himself and clearing his head of negative blocks.

    Adam Hasley Struggles
    Hasley returns from absence, may be much needed boost for the Phillies. Injury updates; Phillies are struggling. Adam Haseley, MLB, Phillies All Rights Reserved

    Haseley never gave a statement to clarify rumors and it’s not likely that we will get one from him, now. One thing is for sure, fans hope that he will come back stronger and provide much needed help for our struggling Phillies. The Phillies team has been plagued with injuries and absent starters. It has not made the current series an easy venture. With Bryce Harper out, concerns regarding Andrew McCutchen, and an unfortunately reliance on Odubel Herrera, his return couldn’t be more needed at this time.

    “He is back,” manager Joe Girardi said. “Obviously, he’s been off for a while so he’s going to have to get his body in playing shape. We’re happy he’s back. He’s raring to go.”

    Rehabing in the minors

    Haseley reported to Clearwater, Fla. on Friday. This was to allow himself to get acclimated to playing again and to help get his body in top athletic, playing shape. Apparently, Haseley was allowed to remain on the team’s restricted list for 30 days before he would have to be activated to play. According to plans, Haseley was expected to play for Triple-A Lehigh Valley. Although, those plans may change now that Andrew McCutchen adds his name to the IL.


    Current Injury Updates– Philadelphia Phillies

    The Philadelphia Phillies are struggling quite a bit while a good amount of players have been optioned to the IL for various injuries. This has effected their performance as they are in some deep trouble with the current lineup they have. The Phillies have been sloppy making errors on plays that should be routine plays. Philllies’ offense has been nonexistent. Even those we come to rely on to deliver, Aaron Nola, have been struggling.

    Andrew Mc Cutchen
    Andrew McCutchen to have MRI on tuesday for what appears to be a Sprain. Injury Update. Haseley returns from absence, may be brought up earlier than wanted to cover for McCutchen. Andrew McCutchen, MLB, Phillies All Rights Reserved

    An Earlier Than Expected Return for Hasley

    ** Andrew McCutchen (sprain) will have an MRI on Tuesday which may bring up Haseley earlier than expected to cover for him. Unfortunately, Haseley may not be able to get himself together before coming back. Resilience may  have to play a role here as Haseley may just need to rise to the occasion. But can he? If the mental health rumors are true, and he has struggled in the past to do so, will he be able to do so now when everything is on the line?

    Didi Gregorius (right elbow) is dealing with stiffness in his right elbow. Unfortunately, the short stop  had to be removed from Wednesday’s game after his second at-bat. Furthermore, Gregorious has previously dealt with swelling in that elbow when he landed on it while making a catch in the series against the San Francisco Giants in April.

    Archie Bradley (left oblique strain). Bradley is on track to appear in another minor game on Saturday. Girardi hopes that his outing lasts a little longer that way they could bring him back shortly as another arm in the bullpen before allowing a starting appearance.

    Roman Quinn (laceration of the right index finger) is dealing with soreness in his finger, so Quinn’s first at-bats following his injury have been delayed. The Phillies center fielder is eligible to come off the injured list Saturday.

    Matt Joyce (calf strain) is not yet ready to begin a rehab assignment. By all appearances, Joyce took batting practice on Friday and did some running despite still needing to complete rehab.

    JT Realmuto
    Hasley returns from absence, may be much needed boost for the Phillies. Injury updates On Covid IL after experiencing flu-like symptoms; tested negative for Covid. Ultimately, JT will be used for DH until he is ready to resume starting role. JT Realmuto, MLB, Phillies All Rights Reserved

    J.T. Realmuto has been reinstated from the COVID-IL after he experienced flu-like symptoms. Cautiously, Realmuto  was tested and determined negative for the Covid. For now, he’ll be performing as a designated hitter until he is strong enough to resume his role.

    However, can the Phillies recover from the massive holes left in their line up due to injuries? Will Haseley provide the neccessary energy and performance to help dig them out of this losing streak? In conclusion, Girardi hopes so and so do the fans.

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