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    Has Steelers WR Chase Claypool Bitten Off More Than He Can Chew?

    Pittsburgh Steelers rising WR Chase Claypool joined one of the most prominent podcasts, “ I Am Athlete”, and spoke his truth. There’s no secret over the years the Steelers have become a producer of talented WRs. The list of Steelers hall of famers is growing as well as future HOFers at the WR position. However, in the episode, Claypool made what appears to be an outrageous claim. While there’s no way to truly tell for sure until the future unfolds, currently, this statement holds as an “outrageous” claim.

    “I’m going to say, my second year, I was a better player than I was my first year,” Claypool said. “The plays didn’t go as planned, right? Some of them didn’t work out in my favor. I missed some important plays that I should have made. But as a football player, I have a better understanding of the game, knowing my role and where to be. I’m determined to improve this year.

    “And as you mentioned, I realize I’m different from other players in the NFL. I feel it when I’m on the field.” I’m a top-five receiver. I know I’m a top-three receiver.”

    Why Does Chase Claypool Believe This to be True?

    While there’s nothing wrong with having confidence, there’s just a thin line between reality and hopefulness or delusion. Claypool may not even be considered a top-three WR in his division (AFC North) let alone the entire NFL. He will have an opportunity to prove many wrongs, however, based on his production this is highly unlikely. Claypool went on to further his point on why he believes that he should be considered one of the best in the NFL, reported Myles Simmons for NBC Sports.

    “When I’m on the field, I have a mindset like a dog. I’m determined to outperform my opponents. I need to carry that confidence and spirit, and prove myself to everyone. It’s going to happen.”

    In his first two seasons, consider Chase Claypool’s stats. He recorded 62 catches for 873 yards with nine touchdowns as a rookie. However, the following season he seems to struggle only scoring two touchdowns and recording 59 catches for 860 yards. An immediate drop-off can be contributed to his different styles in QB play and the style of play-calling that transitioned from his rookie season to his second year in the NFL.

    This upcoming season, he will have Mitchell Trubisky and possibly rookie QB Kenny Pickett  throwing the ball to him. The results may not factor into his argument; however, only time will tell.

    Do you guys believe he will prove doubters wrong or right?

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