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    Gunna Delivers A Mournful Live Performance Of “Missing Me”

    Known throughout all for rap kingdom as “The King of Drip”, Gunna has forever cemented his spot in the music industry. Having rose to ultimate stardom in 2018, the Atlanta star released track after track, each laced with an undeniable drip. Let’s just say it, the guy is savvy and smooth. From the moment Gunna signed with Young Thug’s YSL Records, he was meant to be a star.

    Furthermore, the SoundCloud rapper is known for records like his famous collab with Young Thug and Travis Scott on “Floyd Mayweather. Even his debut album Drip or Drown 2 in 2019 and the 2020 follow-up record Wunna, helped the rapper amass millions of streams. It even placed him on Billboard’s 200 music chart. Clearly, his Drip Season series helped the star achieve meteoric success, especially with the release of the third record. It wasn’t long before Gunna started receiving nods from publications like Rolling, GQ and Complex. Additionally, he started dropping major collabs with other superstar rappers like Drake, Lil Baby and even Mariah Carey. The guy definitely has major “drip.”

    Moreover, Gunna dropped his second most successful record DS4EVER ahead of his incarnation. Thus far, the album ascended to the #1 spot on the Billboard 200. DS4EVER will be Gunna’s fourth chapter to his Drip Season album series. The 19-track has much to offer as far as collabs and music goes. However, his “Missing Me” track has caught the eyes of rap music aficionados everywhere.

    Recently, the YSL Records signee dropped the live performance video for the track. In the performance, we find Gunna showing a more authentic and vulnerable version of himself.

     Gunna Gives A Mournful Performance of “Missing Me”

    Even from the confides of a jail cell, Gunna still manages to maintain his rap career. Not only that, but he’s produced one successful record that’s already garnished millions of streams and views on YouTube. Recently, the Drip Season rapper dropped the video for his mournful performance of “Missing Me.”

    Furthermore, the song finds Gunna wanting to be seen, heard and for someone to believe his side of the story. The track coincides with his current situation, where he’s serving time for the RICO charges against him. Additionally, his live concert adds a more somber feel as he stands under a reflection of water. A single light shines through the moving water, possibly symbolizing Gunna’s belief that he’s innocent. The truth will “shine” through eventually.

    Gunna further makes his case in the open letter to fans featured at the end of the live performance. Basically, he discusses how his art was manipulated and used against him in such a way that it resulted in his jail sentencing. Gunna states in the letter that he will continue to fight for his freedom.

    The Rapper Tries To Stay Relevant Behind Bars

    Missing Me
    via NME

    In the months that follow, Gunna may continue to put out new music. Until then, though, the Atlanta rapper star spends his days regularly updating fans on the latest from his jail cell. In one Instagram post, Gunna revealed that he only had a shower and a bed, but no windows. Making matters worse, he can’t talk to anyone. Some sources believe that he’s missing a few meals. Right now, the rapper awaits his 2023 January trial. Hopefully, things get better for Gunna.






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