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    Gucci Mane Shuts Down Rumors of Him Not Delivering On Promise To Pay Big Scarr’s Funeral

    People always say it’s cost to be the boss. It usually forces you to make the hardest decisions and find the way to execute them with your best judgment. And when sh*t hits the fans(because it always) you’re expected to have the solution. Hip-Hop legend Gucci Mane is getting to see this with his 1017 label, as Big Scarr’s death and the handling of his funeral arrangements have caused a major uproar.

    Things got spicy, as Big Scarr’s brother QuezRuthless went off on Gucci Mane for not staying true to his word. He claimed Gucci promised to pay for the funeral but flaked out, due to his wife’s birthday celebration conflicting with his funds. Using your wife as an excuse when you’re a multimillionaire seems like a cheap cop-out.

    “Indian Giver”

    To make things worse, Gucci also requested to have Big Scarr’s 1017 chain returned. In my opinion, it’s always been lame to ask for a gift back, especially from someone who passed away. I’m not even the biggest Big Scarr fan, but the fact he did this makes me look at Gucci differently for doing this.

    Luckily, Big Scarr’s father and Gucci’s wife, Keyshia Ka’Oir, personally shut down all the chatter. Keisha showed receipts that showed Gucci made a direct payment to the funeral home and even purchased flowers. Scarr’s father then made a video to reassure the public he was appreciative of Gucci, but he wished that he called to give condolences.

    Could’ve Called

    This leads me to my final point. If they signed me to your label and you didn’t have the courtesy to attend my funeral, that shows our relationship was only business. Gucci didn’t even call Scarr’s family on the phone to talk man to man and give his condolences. I understand everyone handles death differently, but damn.

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