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    Gucci Mane Can’t Believe His Friend Is Gone In Tribute Song “Letter To Takeoff”

    For celebrities, it can be difficult maintaining meaningful friendships in the entertainment industry. In fact, it’s nearly nonexistent, given their busy schedules, the media and endless drama that surrounds them. Though, some celebrities do cultivate lasting friendships.

    For instance, Gucci Mane and Migos rapper Takeoff were friends for an entire decade. The two definitely had a lasting friendship. Unfortunately, the tragic and sudden death of Takeoff left Gucci Mane all out of sorts. Recently, the rapper produced a music video as a tribute to the slain Migos rapper.

                Gucci Mane’s Letter To Takeoff

    As mentioned before, Gucci Mane made a music video to honor the memory and legacy of Migos rapper Takeoff. The music video, dubbed as “Letter To Takeoff” dropped recently, featuring an emotional Gucci Mane pouring out his frustration, anger and sadness at a cemetery. At one point, he questions the will of God and demands to know why he had to take Takeoff now. “Like how the f*** we gon’ lose Takeoff. Damn,” he raps.

    Furthermore, Mane reminiscences on the first time they met 10 years ago and how close they’ve been ever since. Towards the end of the music video, footage shows Gucci Mane hugging Quavo. He promises to help the Migos family and Quality Control through this difficult time. It goes without saying that Gucci Mane’s tribute was much appreciated by Migos and their family.

                Not Just A Tribute To Takeoff


    While the main focus of “Letter to Takeoff” was intended for the Migos rapper, Gucci Mane also discussed the harsh environment surrounding rap music. Furthermore, Mane touches on the heart wrenching fact that rappers come and go. “One day you here, and the next you not,” he raps in the song. In the end, Mane concludes that him and other rappers live a hard life in the spotlight. Unfortunately, there’s not enough money in the world to keep celebrities from being targeted.

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