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    Gucci Mane Artist Mac Critter Involved in Fatal Shooting, Charged with First Degree Murder

    Gucci Mane’s record label, New 1017, is under scrutiny with an additional incident as newest signee to the label, Mac Critter, is arrested following a gang shooting in Tennessee.

    Police found a lifeless body in a vacant lot in North Memphis last month, just a few days before Christmas. The response was for the shooting of Markeith Taylor. 

    One of the three suspects arrested is Daniel Bates, also known as Mac Critter. If you have not heard of him, he was recently signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Record Label in October 2022. The arrest is following an artist loss for the label. The shooting, including other arrests, sparked controversy over the reoccurring legal issues within the artists of 1017. There is no comment from Gucci Mane at this time about the shooting and his artist. 

    According to WREG news, a witness tells authorities that four men pointed their guns at Markeith Taylor before he was shot to death. Of the four suspects, only three remain in custody. Along with Mac Critter is his brother Danterio Owens and fellow rapper Gary Taylor. The witness identifies Bates as the person who signaled the victim over. Gary Taylor is identified as the initial shooter. Danterio Owens as an accomplice to the shooting. Within two hours there was another shooting a few blocks away, police are investigating if there is any relations between both shootings. Bates was not originally found by police as he turned himself in to authorities shortly after the shooting. Also to be noted is the connection between the victim and Bates: Bates’ sister has a child with him. 

    Rapper Gary Taylor, also known as Lil Gary, was re-arrested after being accidentally released. All suspects are charged with first-degree murder in a potential gang-related shooting. Since Critter is not being held as the main shooter, his lawyer is working so he can receive a bond to be released on his own in court. As of now, there is no update about the forth suspect, and the others are to remain behind bars until January 10 hearing.


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