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    GREAT ADAMZ Shares New Uplifting Single “Link Up” Remix

    UK/Nigerian artist GREAT ADAMZ released a stunning remix to his most recent single, “Link Up.” He collaborates with CREA WOLF and ZITA. GREAT ADAMZ has never erred in his capability to compose songs that deliver an image through the beautiful atmospheres he cultivates.

    The “Link Up” Remix is a song that blends smooth styles that give listeners soothing melodic runs of its unique composition and production. Each verse is well-written and structured flawlessly, oscillating between sweet feminine and strong synthesized masculine.

    GREAT ADAMZ is a brilliant artist who knows what it takes to reach the pick of the music game, as he has been a big-time player for some time now. He has continued to stun his fans by delivering uplifting and inspiring music.

    Stream “Link Up” Remix on Spotify 

    Connect with GREAT ADAMZ: TikTok | YouTube | Instagram 

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