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    A Google and iPhone Partnership’s Is Looming

    Rumor has it, Google, American multinational technology company, will make Google Assistant available on iPhone, Apple’s Smartphone, as early as the end of the month.

    Initially, Google will do a limited test run of the assistant at the I/O Developers Conference taking place May 17th-19th. If all goes well, hopefully Google can open up the service to all of the masses.

    The implementation of the app on iPhone will come in the form of a free app which will have the capability to work and coincide with the Google apps previously installed on the user’s phone.

    As of right now, the assistant is only accessible on the Google Pixel Phone, and the Google Home smart speaker. If released to the masses, Google’s assistant would follow in the footsteps of Amazon’s assistant Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana.

    While this is all speculation at the moment, the potential power move for Google is twofold for the technology company. Not only would Google be penetrating Apple’s market, a competitor, but it’d also help establish Google’s brand pertaining to tablets and cellphones which it looks like they, Google, are trying to do in the coming years with the release of the Google Pixel phone.

    iPhone didn’t comment on the potential partnership.

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