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    GloRilla Thought Foxes Were Nothing More Than Fairytale Creatures

    Fast-rising, rap star GloRilla has been on a rollercoaster ride of success. However, even with all the fame she’s experienced, the rapper proved that she still has yet to experience the entire world. Recently, the “F.N.F” emcee did an interview where she learned for the first time that foxes aren’t just fairytale creatures, they exist in everyday life. Guess we learn something new every day.

    GloRilla Learns That Foxes Exist In Real Life

    During a recent interview with KISS FM, GloRilla found out some surprising news about the world and mother nature’s creatures. During a trip to the UK, the fast-rising Memphis rapper sat down for a quick chat with presenter Henrie Kwushue where the topic of foxes came up. Furthermore, Kwushue explained that London has a real fox problem, with many of the animals prowling the streets at night and entering resident’s homes.

    Though, GloRilla appeared genuinely shocked to learn that foxes are real animals. The “Tomorrow 2” rapper may be familiar with much of the canine family, such as dogs and wolves, but she didn’t know that foxes existed in the real world. Up until this point, she thought of foxes as nothing as more than fairytale creatures.

    The Rapper Goes Viral On Social Media Again

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    Anyone that follows the female newcomer, knows that she’s been traveling all across the UK. Her current visit has clearly been an eyeopener, given that she just learned foxes aren’t fairytale creates and exist in the real world.

    Her interview with KISS FM’s Henrie Kwushue especially went viral, with many social media users posting their comments. Surprisingly enough, many fans have admitted they’ve never seen or come in contact with a fox either. Some didn’t even know they existed, outside of Disney movies such as The Fox & The Hound. Clearly, not everyone believes in the existence of foxes.

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