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    GloRilla Teaches Lil Baby The Dance Number To Her Hit Song “Tomorrow 2”

    Overnight success is no longer a myth. These days, new emcees are hitting the big leagues in only a matter of a few days. Ultimately, it just takes one hit song to make someone a mega rap star.

    GloRilla indeed received a significant boost in her rap career after her track “Tomorrow 2” went viral. Currently, the song has over 22 million streams on Spotify alone. With Cardi B as the featurette on the song and music video, GloRilla’s notoriety has only grown. Now the newcomer has a dance to go along with her hit song. She even taught Lil Baby a few moves, too.

    GloRilla Teaches Lil Baby A New Dance

    Recently, GloRilla has been everywhere these days. Recently, the new CMG rapper ventured to Europe and learned about the very real existence of foxes. Now it appears she’s back in the States and making just as many waves as overseas.

    Most recently, she even enjoyed meeting Lil Baby backstage at a concert. Furthermore, a viral video shows the CMG rapper teaching Lil Baby the dance moves to her hit song “Tomorrow 2.” After first, the It’s Only Me star struggled to learn the steps, but with GloRilla rooting him on, he eventually got the hang of it. GloRilla has been making the rounds in the entertainment world.

    She Fights For The Rights To An Earlier Track

    While “Tomorrow 2” has made GloRilla one rich woman, she’s been fighting tooth and nail for the rights to her breakout song “F.N.F” which dropped back in October. According to GloRilla her former producer HitKidd remains bitter over the fact that she signed with Yo Gotti’s CMG Collective and not his. That would undoubtedly prove as a motive behind HitKidd taking the rights to her song. Though, GloRilla has made it loud and clear that she won’t stand for the nonsense. Hopefully, she wins back the rights to her song “F.N.F.”

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