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    Glitch Tech is a Cartoon that is needed

    Best Cartoon in a long time!

    Glitch Techs brings the joy of watching cartoons back to our hearts. It’s simple, easy to follow, and is just too good. The cartoon is base off of video game culture. It has video game phrases in every episode and even references classic video games like Castlevania.

    The story is center around games name Five and Miko. One day these two are invited to a tournament for the best gamers in town. During the tournament, there was a glitch in the system that makes video game characters or monsters come to the real world. These two are then recruited to the company that invented the games to help capture the glitches. They are then put into their secret covert squad call “Glitch Techs”.

    Glitch Techs
    Picture of the characters from Glitch Tech

    Why is it good?

    For one the animation of the show is just amazing. The fight scenes are smooth and well thought of. The concept of the show is ghostbuster, but with video games. They turn a classic into a modern-day goldmine. Lastly, the characters are great. We are introduced to a diversity of characters, that is enjoyable. The only one you will hate is the one that is meant to be heated.

    I love the team of Five and Miko. They have their own vibes. Where Five is calm and strategic, Miko is ready for the action. They compliment each other and cover each others weakness to make each other stronger. They are a good team. Probably one of the best in cartoon history.


    Glitch Tech is nickelodeons best carton in a while. It has a diverse cast, great writing, and an updated switch to an old classic. The show has 9 episodes on Netflix and I would be shocked if they don’t continue the show.

    If you saw Glitch Tech then comment below and let us know what you think about it. Also, make sure to go on check out what’s coming to Netflix in March.

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