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    Get Ready to Sway: M.I.A. Drops Unexpected “Bells Collection” Mixtape

    Unveiling the Bells Collection Mixtape, a 16-track musical journey, M.I.A. gifted her fans with a Christmas Day release in 2023. This mixtape, a product of M.I.A.’s creative genius, was born and mixed in Angel, London.

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    The Concept

    She describes it as a “rebel storm,” a synoptic edit of music that samples a spectrum of artists and producers.

    The mixtape is a testament to M.I.A.’s ability to transcend boundaries of time, geography, race, age, and space, offering a limitless, genre-less frequency.

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    The Bells Collection Mixtape is a star-studded affair, featuring collaborations with Skrillex, Blaqstarr, Troy Baker, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Rex Kudo, and others.

    It also pays homage to various artists such as Ar Rahman, Oliver Rodigan, and Yesudas.

    The Creativity

    M.I.A.’s versatility and creativity shine through in this mixtape. She masterfully blends genres like grime, hip hop, ragga, and Brazilian baile funk, while also incorporating elements of Indian classical music and spirituality.

    Her experimental approach to sound is evident in her use of bells, drones, and glitches.

    The mixtape is a reflection of M.I.A.’s evolution as an artist. Her originality and innovation have been lauded in her previous works such as KALA (2007), MAYA (2010), and MATA (2022).

    Her music is influenced by various cultures and movements, including punk rock, hip hop feminism, and the Sri Lankan independence movement.

    The Bells Collection Mixtape is available for download from from 3pm on Christmas Day. It can also be streamed on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

    The mixtape has been well-received by fans and critics alike.

    The Standout Tracks

    “NEVER ALONE,” featuring Troy Baker, a haunting song about loneliness and isolation

    “BELLA HADID,” featuring Skrillex, a catchy song that samples the vocals of American model Bella Hadid

    “AMEN,” featuring Oliver Rodigan, a gospel-inspired song that praises God

    “SOLITUDE,” featuring Rex Kudo, a dark song exploring themes of alienation and depression

    “GALAXY,” featuring Rex Kudo, a futuristic song celebrating the beauty of the universe.

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