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    G Herbo Climbs Billboard Chart With ‘25’

    G Herbo and Billboard Success

    G Herbo achieves Billboard 200 success, landing the No. 5 position. This serves as the Chicago rapper’s highest chart slot for an album debut. With 46,000 album sales of his fourth album, the album celebrates Herbo’s 25th birthday. In addition, ‘25’ is a tribute to his late friend that passed away prior to his 25th birthday. 

    G Herbo’s Evolution

    During his Complex interview, G Herbo compared ‘25’ with ‘PTSD,’ his previous album. The albums illustrate different aspects of the rapper’s life. 

    “I feel like 25 is different [from PTSD] in a way,” he explained. “PTSD, mental health, that’s me. That’s going to always be something that’s true to me because of the importance of mental health. But I’ve grown as an artist, just lyrically and mentally. Where I am [now] is not what PTSD was. I’m in a different head space.”

    He explained, “This album is about my current journey and my upbringing at 25 years old.” I feel like all my music is a reflection of me, but I want it to be different. As much as I mature, I want my music to mature.”

    Seeing the World 

    As a result of his hard work, G Herbo is about ready to take a break. Following the birth of his son with girlfriend Taina, Herbo wants to enjoy life. 

    “I never got a chance to really enjoy the fruits of my labor,” he told Complex. “I’m so busy working and just taking this shit head-on like a champ, where it’s like, I’m going to need a break soon, man. It’s so much of the world I need to go see, bro. I ain’t never been to Europe. None of that shit. I never did a show out there.

    He continued: “I want to go see the world and enjoy myself, man. I feel like I need to go sit on a beach and just reflect on life. And I think when I do that, I’m going to come back to the States better than ever, ready to work.”

    Congratulations to G Herbo on his album success. Hopefully he will reward himself by taking advantage of what life has to offer.

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