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    Future Plays Doting Dad At Son’s Graduation

    Future raps for a living and his job keeps him on the road a lot. Fortunately, he’s able to squeeze in time for his kids, especially his adopted son Jaiden. Recently, Future played the doting dad of the hour after attending his son’s high school graduation. Clearly, the King Pluto rapper really loves and supports his kids.

    Attending His Adopted Son’s Graduation

    Jaiden, Future via Tuko

    Future may not have the best relationship with his baby mamas. Though, he’s remained a prominent father figure in his children’s lives, making every moment count. He even shows his support for their academic achievements.

    On May 25, Future made sure he attended his adoptive son, Jaiden’s high school graduation ceremony. Being the doting dad that he was, Future took photos with his kid looking prouder than ever. Additionally, he said a few noteworthy words about his son after the graduation ceremony. Future certainly didn’t want to miss this milestone moment in his child’s life.

    Does He Play Favorites?

    Future and kids via BCK Online

    Most parents have their star “golden boy” or “star girl” out of all their children. However, Future fans weren’t too keen on the rapper playing favorites with his children. While the King Pluto rapper showers all eight of his children with love, he has a particularly special bond with his adoptive son, Jaiden.

    In September of 2021, Future tweeted Jaiden that he “loved him the most ” on his birthday. Unfortunately, this led to backlash from some of his fans. Many of them accused the rapper of favoritism, while others argued that he was just acting as a doting father. Future downright loves his kids, even if he shows one a little more attention than the others.

    Anyway, kudos to Future’s adopted son Jaiden on his graduation!

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