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    Future HOFer Russell Wilson Sets The Bar High For Other QBs

    Denver Broncos QB Russell Wilson has signed and sealed his future for the remainder of his NFL career. Recently, he signed a massive, five-year contract extension with the Denver Broncos, reported Jacob Camenker for Sporting News. Wilson’s deal attaches him to the hip with the Broncos until 2029. This also makes him one of the highest-paid QB throughout the entire league.

    Sadly, there were rumors that Wilson and his former team the Seattle Seahawks began brewing a feud because of contractual negotiations. This explains why they parted ways because the Seahawks didn’t believe it was in their best interest to spend that much money while also trying to rebuild. However, the Walton/Penner ownership group loved Wilson and thought to do the exact opposite. In August, while not offering an extension, he did offer huge praise for the excitement to have Wilson and what he can provide for the Denver Broncos going forward.

    “We immediately noticed his positive leadership qualities. He’s an incredibly dynamic individual. I’m excited to witness his performance on the field,” Penner expressed, according to ProFootballTalk. “As for his contract, no comments at this time.”

    NFL Network’s Ian Rapport reports that the months prior to the extension were all silent negotiations between the parties.

    Denver Broncos Contract Details with Russell Wilson

    Wilson signed a five-year, $245 million extension, however, the details of the deal weren’t discussed much. Wilson secured $165 million of the 245 million deal guaranteed throughout his five years. He ranks third in NFL history, behind only Browns QB Deshaun Watson ($230) and Cardinals QB Kyler Murray ($189.5), per

    The new deal is frontloaded, instead of, normally being backloaded. Many teams did this in the past to assure the risk factor just in case the player may have gotten hurt. However, the age of that is past us. In fact, many superstars are requesting majority of their money be guaranteed.

    He’s set to make $85 million in new money over the first two seasons of his deal, reported Tom Pelissero for NFL Network. This benefits Wilson, as well as, the Broncos because it allows them to move on possibly if things don’t go to plan.

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