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    Funkmaster Flex Calls Cardi B A “Terrible Rapper”

    It’s hard to believe that famous people have idols they admire. Of course, everyone loves Beyonce and Rihanna. For a while, it seemed like everyone loved Cardi B as well. Honestly, who’s not addicted to her Instagram and her hilarious commentary. Not to mention, she’s a Grammy-award winning rapper. Basically, she’s a two for one deal; she’s a comedian and a rap Queen. Despite the thousands of fans that praise Cardi B, she also has her fair share of haters. Funkmaster Flex makes it clear he’s not a fan of the female rapper. He even called Cardi B a “Terrible Rapper.” Talk about harsh criticism.

    Hot 97 Host Calls Cardi B A “Terrible Rapper”

    terrible rapper
    via All Black Media

    Criticism can prove beneficial to helping artists work on their craft. Funkmaster Flex’s criticism of Card B’s rap flow didn’t seem at all constructive. Instead, the radio host made it clear that he didn’t like the female emcee’s music. In a recent interview with Naji on CigarTalk, he straightforwardly criticized the rapper known for the hit song ‘Money,’ calling her “terrible.” “I personally believe Cardi B is a bad rapper. That’s just my opinion,” he expressed during the interview.

    Afterwards, Funkmaster Flex seemingly tried to soften the “blow” by praising her huge social media presence. “She’s an incredible entertainer. I admire her presence on social media and the way she discusses various topics. I appreciate her style and overall charisma.” However, the DJ reiterates his opinion that he doesn’t consider Cardi B a skilled rapper, concluding his statement with that remark. He’s definitely not a fan of her rap flow.

    Funkmaster Flex Has Never Liked Cardi B’s Music

    terrible rapper
    via Rap-Up

    Some people have a very wide musical palette, but Funkmaster Flex isn’t one of them. For one, he certainly doesn’t like Cardi B’s music. In fact, the DJ didn’t like her music from the start. His interview with Naji on CigarTalk hadn’t been the first time he expressed his dislike of her lyricism. Back in April 2018, Flex criticized the rapper again for not writing her own bars. Additionally in July that same year, Flex knocked Cardi B down a few notches after she hailed herself the “King of New York.” The DJ had this to say on Twitter at the time, “Hahaha! A below average rapper that doesn’t write could never be Queen or King of NY!” Funkmaster Flex certainly thinks Cardi B makes for one “terrible rapper.”

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