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    Funk Flex Plans To Resume Playing 6ix9ine On New York Radio

    A couple of years ago, 6ix9ine was hailed as the “King of NY Rap.” However, in 2023, that title seems to have been taken over by Ice Spice. Funk Flex, a radio personality, recently announced his intention to play 6ix9ine’s music on his radio station, reversing his previous stance.

    But honestly, who really listens to the radio these days? Most people in my age group prefer using an aux cord in their cars. So this news doesn’t have much impact on anyone, except maybe 6ix9ine. I stopped paying attention to anything Funk said a long time ago. He’s just another old-school hip-hop enthusiast.

    Funk Flex tried to justify his decision by pointing out that many artists cooperate with law enforcement. It seems like he was taking a jab at Gunna, but there’s no need to throw stones and then hide behind subliminal messages.

    Funk Flex, being as outspoken as he is, should have no problem speaking his mind directly. If you’re bold enough to make public statements, you should back them up with consistency. It’s pretty lame to beat around the bush and be unclear about your intentions.


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