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    Funk Flex Makes Trouble For Charlamagne Tha God

    Some celebrities just love to have all the attention on them. Funkmaster Flex certainly made it known that he loves the media attention. The Hot 97 host has already taken credit for stirring up beef between Meek Mill and Drake all for the “clout.” Recently, the radio host dredged up Charlamagne Tha God’s 2001 sexual assault case again. The radio host just made trouble for his fellow radio man. Given his past with chasing clout, it’s likely that the star is seeking attention again.

                        Funkmaster Flex Stirs Up Trouble

    makes trouble
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    Hollywood can be the best place ever but its also cut-throat. Stars come and go all the time. In a worse case scenario, some stars are forgotten. Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex seems like he’s fighting to have his name in the media mill. Previously, the radio host admitted to chasing after “clout” just to return to the spotlight. Making matters worse, he’s even drudged up someone’s bad deeds for his own benefit.

    Recently, Funkmaster Flex stirred up trouble for The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne Tha God after playing a disturbing recording on his radio show. According to the audio, a mother accused the The Breakfast Club radio host of drugging and raping her daughter, Jessica Reid in 2001. Moreover, Funkmaster Flex first received word of the clip from The Shaded Room, who originally posted the video clip via Instagram.

    In response to the Instagram post, Funkmaster Flex left the comment, “Cease and desist!” with a series of laughing emojis. Kind of cruel on Funk Flex’s part. Though, it’s clear that he only rehashed old wounds for his own advantage. Worse, he’s made trouble for Charlamagne Tha God.

                Charlamagne Tha God Cleared His Name

    makes trouble
    via EURweb

    It’s clear that Funkmaster Flex only wants to stir up controversy to support his failing career. Hard times must’ve fallen on the Hot 97 radio host. In his pursuit, however, he landed The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne Tha Gods in a heap of trouble with the public. As mentioned before, Funkmaster Flex reminded everyone of the radio host’s sexual assault case from 2001.

    Furthermore, God had been accused of raping 15-year-old Jessica Reid during the year. Though, The Breakfast Club directly spoke with police in attempts to clear his name. Instead, he admitted guilt for “providing alcohol to a minor at a party” where the incident occurred. Since then, God has successfully cleared his name with document reports proving his “DNA wasn’t found in Reid’s rap kit.” Additionally, The Shaded Room even posted a follow-up post, stating that he cleared his name. Of course, Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex failed to mention that part. He’s nothing but trouble.

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