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    Frozen 2 is Out on Disney+ Due to the Virus

    Yup, Frozen 2 is free to watch now on Disney+. Nope, It is not a mistake.

    Frozen 2 is Out on Disney+ Due to the Virus

    If you have Disney+ and see Frozen 2 in the catalog. Just know that it is not a mistake. The multibillion-dollar company has decided to “Let it Go” earlier than expected. The initial release date for this mega animated hit to be streamed was on March 15th. But it looks like Disney’s heart isn’t made of “ice” ( I have to stop with these puns) because they released the movie a day earlier.

    Initially, Disney has announced that Frozen 2 will be released on Disney+ three months early to support families during these challenging times. It will be available in the U.S. from March 15th and in Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand from March 17th.

    This is sure to be the quickest release for a major box office hit, to be out on a streaming service. The DVD and Blu-ray just release on February 25th. It was supposed to come on Disney+ on June 26th, 2020. However, I’m happy that Disney changed their minds about this one. Especially with the world being affected by the Coronavirus.

    With all this madness about Covid-19 going on, I’m happy to see that companies of all backgrounds are taking steps to make life easier for their customers and employees.

    Let us know what you think?

    Being the number 1 animated movie in box-office history. Frozen 2 has accomplished a lot for Disney in both merchandise and movie sales. Making over 1.4 billion dollars for the movie and over billions in merchandise. Also, Frozen 2 has become the number 1 animated selling movie of all time. Hence, becoming a huge cash cow for Disney.

    Comment below and let us know what you think of Disney’s decision and will it affect the company in a good or bad way.

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