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    French Montana Claims He’s The First NYC Rapper To Go Diamond Status

    Rappers try their hardest to stay at the top of their game. After all, they have to be the best at everything they do when it comes to all things rap related. It’s no wonder that every emcee out here isn’t a battle rapper. Moroccan emcee French Montana recently made claims that he’s the first NYC rapper to obtain the diamond status. Though, fans quickly called out the They Got Amnesia rapper on his claims.

    His Hit Single “Unforgettable” Went Diamond

    Diamond status

    It’s not everyday that an artist’s work gets recognized by huge music recording organizations such as the RIAA. In the past year, big-name stars like Cardi B and Lauryn Hill have received recognition from the Recording Industry Association of America. Recently, French Montana reached a new level of stardom after his 2017 hit single “Unforgettable” achieved diamond status. Apparently, the song sold 10 million units across the board.

    During an interview with Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast with Gillie Da Kid and Wallo, Montana confirmed his accomplishment. On top of that, Montana claimed that he holds the record for being the first “male artist from the Mecca, the Bronx and the first born African artist to go diamond.” Of course, the statement left the podcast hosts flabbergasted. They asked Montana to repeat the claim for those of us who didn’t hear it in the back. The rapper should remember that there’s a lot of great talent that’s come out of New York City.

    Fans Debunk His Claims

    Diamond status
    via Nicki Swift

    French Montana has dropped a few dope records, but he’s arguably not one of the best rap stars around. Much of social media even disagreed with his claims of being the first NYC rapper ever to go diamond. Talents such as Nas, Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj have all hailed from the big apple, dropping hit records for years.

    Unfortunately, when asked if Hov ever went diamond status, French Montana dug himself an even bigger hole when he answered “no.” At that point, he was beyond saving. Fans immediately took to the comments, having to remind the rapper that he’s not the only rapper from NYC to go diamond. In fact, one person tweeted that the RIAA awarded Biggie Smalls’ “Life After Death” diamond certification .

    French Montana is trying to be unforgettable but he might want to work on getting his facts straight. And credit those NYC rappers who made diamond status before him.

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