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    Freedom Fry Releases Funky Single “Je T’aime Pas, Je T’aime”

    Los Angeles-based indie duo Freedom Fry is back with their latest single, “Je T’aime Pas, Je T’aime,” a funky and upbeat track that showcases their signature blend of retro synths and catchy melodies. The song is the first of three French-language singles set to be released over the coming months, and it marks a return to the band’s roots as French-American musicians.

    Produced by Marie Seyrat and Bruce Driscoll in their Los Angeles studio, “Je T’aime Pas, Je T’aime” is a shimmering ode to complicated love, with its title translating to “I Don’t Love You, I Love You.” The track is a departure from the band’s recent album, L’Invitation, which was primarily in English.
    Freedom Fry has gained a significant following in recent years thanks to their knack for crafting memorable tunes across multiple genres. Having their melodies grace the screens of both cinema and television, their musical prowess has garnered applause from both critics and devoted fans. What sets them apart is their skillful blend of heartfelt emotion and light-hearted humor, seamlessly woven into their music.
    “Je T’aime Pas, Je T’aime” is a delightful addition to the band’s discography and a reminder of their impressive range as musicians. Fans of Freedom Fry will want to take advantage of this latest release.


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