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    Frantik Drops an Atmospheric Trap Banger “LEVITATE” Featuring Missy B & J U Í C E

    Frantik, the talented Canadian artist known for his blend of Hip-Hop and R&B, makes a triumphant return with his latest single, “Levitate,” featuring the collaborative talents of Missy B and J U Í C E. This atmospheric R&B and hip-hop fusion is a certified banger that revolves around the theme of love, captivating listeners with its distinctive sound and emotive lyrics.

    Drawing inspiration from cloud rap, emo rap, indie rock, and trap, Frantik skillfully weaves a soundscape that mirrors his personal narratives and mindset. Themes of personal growth, heartache, mental well-being, and love are interwoven throughout his work, serving as a beacon to encourage others to embrace their authenticity.

    Hailing from Eastern Canada, the trio behind Frantik’s artistry has crafted a true masterpiece that showcases their artistic brilliance, soulful vocal talents, and adeptness in rap. Frantik’s vibrant and high-energy performance is bound to set you in motion, while the velvety vocals of Missy B & J U Í C E seamlessly harmonize with the track’s essence. “Levitate” stands as an essential listen for enthusiasts of hip-hop and R&B genres, with Frantik’s distinct style poised to etch an enduring mark upon your heart and soul.

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