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    Former NFL Star RB Le’Veon Bell Shifts His Focus Toward Boxing

    Le’Veon Bell Boxing Career

    The former NFL star RB Le’Veon Bell appears to be shifting his focus as it looks like his football career is finished. While he proved to be an absolute stud during his tenure in the NFL, father time is undefeated. He began slowing down as slowly bounced from team to team seemingly just cashing a paycheck. Le’Veon Bell boxing comes as he transitions from playing football this season, reported ESPN. Ironically, the fight he’s preparing for is another former star, RB Adrian Peterson. This is set to be hosted at the Arena (Staples Center) on July 30.

    “Boxing is something that, you know, they always say it’s something you can’t play boxing. In retrospect I recall contemplating stepping back from all other sports and honing in on boxing exclusively as I firmly believed this would be the most effective way to advance along this career trajectory. As a 30 year old I have made the decision to focus on boxing and thus I will not be participating in playing this year. This choice is one that I am confident in and prioritize for myself.

    Is This Truly Le’Veon Bell’s Future

    Unfortunately, Bell has made it abundantly clear throughout his press conference that he will not be fighting one time. He will be focusing primarily on boxing as his new career.

    “I guess this is my way of introducing myself and giving you a glimpse of what I’ll be doing and how I’ll be carrying myself. Just an introduction,” he said.

    Peterson on the other hand isn’t as certain about boxing being his new career. However, he’s not willing to close the door on the possibility. He’s considering continuing his NFL career for a team that may need him down the line. 

    “This is definitely something I can see myself continuing in the future, depending on how things unfold for me,” Peterson said.

    While both were very talented players, Peterson’s peaks were much more dominant and longer. Peterson is considered a future HOFer while Bell is considered just a very good player for his time. Peterson still sits number five on the all-time rushing list and is an MVP of the league. The 37-year-old believes that he has some left in the tank. Possibly, a team in need will most likely call upon Peterson sooner rather than later.

    “We have many guys sparring regularly, and I’ve had the chance in the past to spar with them a few times, including recently while preparing for the fight. I just been kind of grinding, so I might see this continue to do something going forward,” Peterson said. “So, even after this fight, I will still be on my same routine, waiting for that next opportunity to present itself.”

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