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    Former NFL RB Marshawn Lynch Finds Himself in Trouble Again

    The unfortunate news of All-Pro RB Marshawn Lynch being arrested earlier this week has saddened many around the world. Lynch has undeniably established himself as a captivating figure with a global presence, evoking inspiration and admiration among a multitude of individuals worldwide. However, like many, he’s human and is battling through demons of his past it appears as well. As per the report from ESPN, Lynch was behind the wheel at the early hour of 7:30 AM when he encountered a Las Vegas police officer who promptly signaled for him to stop. It was pretty clear he was impaired and they ultimately detained him. Soon after, he ended up in the Las Vegas City Jail, accused of driving under the influence, a mere suspicion that landed him in a difficult situation.

    Reports did not show if he was tested for driving impaired or not. It still remains questionable if Lynch even has a lawyer or not. This is an ongoing investigation. It does seem unfortunate that one of the players who are beloved and embraced by the community appears to be struggling. Sadly, this is not his first offense, and he’s been dealt a DUI before. In 2012, he was caught driving recklessly, but he pleaded down to the lesser charge of reckless driving. TMZ reported that the vehicle was totaled, and it appeared to be undrivable after Lynch was detained for the DUI.

    “Marshawn Lynch’s car appeared undrivable by the time cops arrived and busted him for DUI on Tuesday,” reported TMZ.

    Marshawn Lynch Stint in the NFL

    Lynch played for several teams in the NFL, however, he made himself a household name for the Seattle Seahawks. He was often called, “Beast Mode”, because of his ferociousness and toughness while running the ball. Players around the league often confess to how rigorous and tough it was to take down the like of Lynch! In Seattle, he rushed for 10,413 career rushing yards and 85 rushing touchdowns, per ESPN. He also suited up for the Buffalo Bills and, at the time, the Oakland Raiders.

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