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    FlyShawn Steals The Show At Vice Presidential Debate

    The star of the Vice Presidential Debate was Neither Mike Pence nor Kamala Harris, but Flyshawn.

    The best moment of the  Vice Presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris was a Flyshawn, the fruit fly. During the event, the insect took a liking to Pence and went viral.

    Citizens of the united states got to another lackluster performance from both the Democrats and republicans. The presidential debate was a S***show that Trump and Biden led, and last night was only slightly better.

    Both Mike Pence and Kamala Harris spent more time talking about each other’s past than answering questions. Aside from the funny face from Harris, every time Pence told a bald-faced lie, the debate biggest draw was Flyshawn.

    The internet took note of the Fly sitting on the vice president’s head, and the memes and jokes began.

    While the jokes about the Fly and the mom’s face from Harris are funny, Americans should not be laughing. Even more, we should all probably be crying because of the direction this country is going.

    None of the issues that we are currently battling in this country were addressed in either discussion. The only thing the people got were empty promises that history shows will go unaddressed if either party wins, but we have to vote for one either way.

    Let us know your thoughts on the Vice Presidential Debate in the comments. Do you agree FlySHawn was the best part?

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