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    Florida Songwriter T.A.Y. Releases “Nameless” Video

    Singer and songwriter T.A.Y. from South Florida recently made a comeback with his music video for the song ‘Nameless’. The catchy, piano-based track features down-to-earth lyrics and honest delivery of T.A.Ys place in his life.

    In the ‘Nameless’ music video, T.A.Y. portrays his aspirations for success in a corporate office setting. The video has already amassed over 10,000 views since its drop less than a month ago. T.A.Y. aims to connect with individuals who have faced challenges and aspire for a better future through his music.

    He wants to show people who he is, what he has done, and where he plans to go. He uses his music to encourage others to use it the same way. T.A.Y. finds great value in pursuing his dreams as long as he can positively impact more individuals through his music.

    Watch the ‘Nameless’ video here:

    You can follow T.A.Y. here:

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