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    Flavor Flav Predicts Drugs Will Exist For Years To Come

    Being in the spotlight can be a rewarding experience for some. However, others can’t quite handle the pressure of being in the public eye. Even worse, they’ve given in to temptation like substance abuse and alcohol. 

    Recently, Flavor Flav admitted that he spent thousands of dollars a day on drugs for 6 years straight. Fortunately, he got clean and started making better choices. However, he fears for the future other rappers who still abuse drugs.  

    Flavor Flav Says Drugs Will Never Go Out Of Style

    It’s no secret that Flavor Flav has battled with drug and alcohol problems for years. The once Grammy Lifetime Achievement rapper recently offered up his receipts to show just how much he spent on drugs alone. During a recent appearance on DJ Akademiks’ Off The Road podcast, Flav admitted that he’d spent $3K a day on rock cocaine for 6 years straight. According to our math, that would equate to approximately $1 million dollars. 


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