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    Faulty Tire Blamed in Farmingdale School Bus Crash, Two Dead

    Tragedy Strikes in New York: School Bus Crash Claims Lives

    In a really sad turn of events, there was a school bus crash in New York. It’s so heartbreaking that two people lost their lives, and five others got really hurt. It seems like a lousy tire might have caused the crash. Right now, they’re looking into what exactly happened.

    This all happened when a big bus with 44 people on board was taking kids from Long Island to a music camp. But then, something went terribly wrong, and the bus ended up off the road in a ditch near Wawayanda. The people who lost their lives, Gina Pellettiere and Beatrice Ferarri, were going about their day when this terrible accident happened. Gina was super important at Farmingdale High School, where she helped with music, and Beatrice was just an innocent passenger.

    The accident was really scary. It happened around 1:10 PM, and pictures show the bus on its side with windows broken. There were even rescue teams using ladders to help everyone trapped inside. Governor Kathy Hochul said it was “extraordinary.” They think the tire was a problem, but they’re still figuring out all the details.

    Most of the kids on the bus were just 14 or 15 years old. Can you imagine how scared they must have been? They had to wait for 45 long minutes until they could be rescued. One of the students said,

    “I feel bad for them. I hope they feel better. I thought the tire just came off. I didn’t know they crashed and did flips and stuff.”

    Another kid said,

    “I usually take a bus, but now I don’t want to.”

    It’s so sad because some of the kids saw pictures of their friends hurt on social media. One student shared,

    “My friend showed me a photo; her face was all bloodied and stuff. I started crying.”

    Another student said,

    “We saw somebody posting on Snapchat, the bus flipped over, we thought it was a joke at first. We didn’t even know it was serious. It’s horrible.”

    The police and the National Transportation Safety Board are looking into why this happened. Right now, families are coming together at the Orange County Community College to support each other. The music camp was supposed to be a fun adventure from Thursday to Sunday, but now the community is really sad and searching for answers.

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