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    Father Baker Shows Off His Musical Pull At “The Downhill Chill”

    American rapper Father Baker recently released his newest work, “The Downhill Chill.” Which puts his artistic and astonishing musicality on full display as he shows us his capability to use his talent t create a unique and captivating sound, bringing an ear-pleasing tune to his listeners.

    “The Downhill Chill” is a song that’s interwoven in a perfect vocal line in sensational melodies that parade a fantastic lyric over rhythmic waves that move our minds so that we can enter the unique universe of this fabulous, authentic, and competent artist.

    “The Downhill Chill” shows intense tempos and bars through phenomenal beats and arrangements that present Father Baker’s talent in delivering excellent rhymes, rhythms, and melodies that stick in the head of those who listen.

    Stream “The Downhill Chill” on Spotify

    Connect with Father Baker: SoundCloud | Facebook | Spotify | Instagram

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