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    Fat Joe Is Thankful Biggie’s Tupac Diss Tracks Never Came Out

    Singers and rappers have plenty to say in a song, sometimes revealing too much. Sometimes they can’t put everything into one song and have save the rest for a rainy day. They keep some of their songs in a secret vault. Though, rapper Fat Joe is thankful that his tracks with Biggie Smalls never saw the light of day. In a recent interview, the Bronx emcee tells all.

                        Fat Joe Worked With Biggie Smalls

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    Biggie Smalls made several timeless hits that have yet to go out of style. More importantly, he changed the scope of HipHop forever. Fortunately, long-time rapper Fat Joe has had the pleasure of producing tracks with the legend in “the lab.”

    During a virtual interview with Verzuz founders Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, Joe revealed that he and Biggie put out a few songs before his death on March 9th in 1997. “I worked on an album with Biggie, you know? We recorded around five songs together.” He said, ‘You the Latino don, I’m the Black don.’ And we went crazy in the studio.” Obviously, the Bronx rapper and Biggie Smalls shared some great moments in the studio. It’s a ashame that those songs will never see the light of day.

                The Songs Never Made The Light Of Day

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    Anyone would be thrilled about working with a legendary rapper. While Fat Joe enjoyed laying down a few songs with the iconic rapper, he regrets ever making the tracks in the first place. Fortunately, they never made the light of day.

    Additionally, Fat Joe revealed that many of songs they produced were diss tracks about Tupac. “You know I say stuff, Tim, and they always say I lie or I say too much. To be honest, we were dissing Tupac a lot back then, and that should have never been released. Clearly, the rapper wanted to avoid all the hate mail he’d receive from fans for releasing those tracks.

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