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    Fake Drake Says He Doesn’t Like The Fame, Really?

    Fame can happen to anyone in the most unexpected ways. Drake’s doppelganger, Izzy aka Fake Drake, wasn’t looking to become a local celebrity. Yet, he gained a massive social media following and notoriety by basically impersonating the rap star. For months now, Fake Drake has been club hopping and partying all over Miami. Clearly, he’s living the dream as an impersonator. Fans and paparazzi follow him everywhere now. Despite all the fame and attention, though, he doesn’t really care for the hype.

    Fake Drake Wants Out The Fame


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    Several celebrities have had to deal with their fair share of doppelgangers and impersonators. While there’s no beef between Drake and “Fake Drake” per se, there’s some drama from the doppelganger. According to the impersonator, he never wanted fame.

    Futhermore, Akademiks shared a clip of Fake Drake’s interview with The Fan Bus, where he claimed he’s “not trying to act like the rapper.” However, everything from his mannerisms to his style resemble Drake. Additionally, the doppelganger even donned the same heart-shaped haircut as the rapper. They also have the same personality. Though, he argued that he’s his own person.

    “I’m just going with the flow, you know . . . I didn’t mean to become famous,” the impersonator said.

    He suggested that fame just fell into his lap. Yet, he’s done nothing to really stop being famous, either.

    The Doppelganger Creates More Drama

    Drake impersonator, Drake via XXL Mag

    Furthermore, the doppelganger suggested that the “Certified Lover Boy” copied his own style. In the interview, Fake Drake noted that the rapper donned a certain jacket that he wore a few years back. Additionally, the impersonator argued that he had the heart-shaped haircut done way before Drake did. Either that’s just a coincidence or Fake Drake really is riding off the coat tails of the rapper’s success.

    What do you guys think about Fake Drake? Is this guy really after Drake’s fame? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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