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    Facebook Culture Shock: Social Media Platform Freeze

    InstagramThe early years of Facebook are far behind us; however, the saga continues at an unstoppable speed.

    In the era when the legendary Nokia was a must-have and Facebook was a afterthought. In the era when cell phones were beyond a luxury and a strange thing to posses.

    The Birth Of A New Generation 

    Millennials of a lost decade sat front row as the flip phone craze phased into the iPhone franchise. In the same era, social media was born.

    Slight History of the Evolution of Social Media

    In 2003, Tom Anderson thought up this really good idea presenting it to the world as Myspace. Myspace’s groundbreaking success changed the way users saw themselves. Also changing the they viewed the lives of others.

    According to Maryville University, by 2006, Myspace made history being the most visited site in the entire world. Thus making it the first site in the world where you could attach music to the site as well as choosing your top ten friends.

    The Bebo Phase

    Subsequently, Bebo, another social media network surfaced. Wife and Husband team Michael and Xochi Birch launched the site from San Francisco, California in 2005, according to Business Insider.

    The site gained most of its popularity in countries like the UK and Ireland. In 2007, the site overtook Myspace, boasting being the most viewed site in the world.

    The Father of All, Facebook

    Although Facebook launched a year before Bebo, its start wasn’t as successful as Myspace and Bebo. The site didn’t begin to gain momentum until 2008 when the site surpassed Myspace, according to Brittanica.

    The Culture of Facebook and Self-Image

    The evolution of Facebook brings us to a time where image is valued more than mental health and morale. Facebook sets a standard of societal appeal. It’s become a source for self validation, but also a source of inspiration.

    The Rebirth: Instagram 

    In 2010, Instagram launched, offering a new approach to social media networking. Over the last decade, millions of people have joined.

    The Shutdown

    Yesterday, Facebook and Instagram froze, leaving millions unable to use the site. When the site resumed, members rushed in to complain about it. Is social media use an addiction? Or is it a one stop shop for self-validation?

    Are people really as happy as they seem to be online?

    Can’t stop scrolling? Find an awesome book to read if they decide to freeze again.

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