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    EZ Papi Releases Great Summer Album, ‘Trapped Emotions 2’

    Rising star EZ Papi releases a hot new album for the summertime, titled Trapped Emotions 2. The seven-track project allows the new artist to be upfront about the emotional rollercoaster he’s on right now.

    The album depicts the story of a man on the hunt for his true love, but he suffers multiple heartbreaks along the way. As a result of dating the wrong women. This brings him to ponder about what it is he truly wants and is looking for in life. As he embarks on a quest of self-discovery, his “emotions remain trapped.”

    “Shakespeare’s work I’ve always been a fan of and appreciated… I wanted to create the same heartbreak and romance he had in his work except turning it into a collection of songs,” EZ Papi said.

    EZ delivers each song in such a way that listeners feel seen and understood while remaining in a happy mood because of the musically enticing Afro-Caribbean sounds. Although the subject matter of Trapped Emotions 2 is somewhat emotional. “Spanish Nights” and “Let Me See U,” for example, are notable tracks that demonstrate his versatility and style, with him even singing in Spanish.

    Getting his name from his “OG” growing up for being so laid back and chill, EZ’s music is a great expression of his personality. As he continues crooning on the smoothest of Afro-Caribbean compositions that grab the listener’s attention immediately.

    He’s been writing music and poems since elementary school. The encouragement he received from teachers and peers when they heard any of his work convinced him to pursue a career in music, which has truly paid off in his favor.

    “I love making music because it brings joy and has the power to heal and save lives. My music is all about positive energy and dance vibes, and I want to continue spreading that positivity worldwide.”

    Trapped Emotions 2 is the follow-up to the Kansas City artist’s widely-known hit “Go Low”. In addition to his Dark Fantasies EP, released earlier this year.

    For now, do yourself the favor and check out EZ Papi’s latest drop-off Trapped Emotions 2 below.

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