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    Eugene Campbell III Strives To Be An Inspiration, Hero To Many

    The New Jersey native, Eugene Campbell III, is a current professional basketball player overseas for Gyumri. However, Campbell’s journey was far from others who took a similar path. Growing up in Jersey City, New Jersey, unfortunately, forced Campbell to grow up and see things sooner than any kid should have to. Many young children’s parents would shield and guide their children away from the vices, instead, Campbell went towards it. While understanding the environment Campbell grew up in, made for a tougher mental on the court or field.

    The first sport he was ever introduced to was baseball, in the sixth grade. In fact, many may not know, but he played third basemen and pitched for his middle school team. Later, due to severe circumstances, Campbell’s family was forced to move out of Jersey City. However, this may have been a blessing in disguise. Campbell’s father was offered a position as the head coach at his current school. Later, he transitioned from playing competitive baseball to basketball. He then was honored to play for his father at his new school because it brought him a sense of comfort.

    “Growing up, I went to five different middle schools before I even reached high school,” stated Campbell. “I had a hard time making friends and adjusting to jumping from school to school. However, my family helped me keep my social life afloat and brought me all the consistency I needed.”

    What’s helped Eugene Campbell III elevate his game?

    In high school, a memory that sticks with Campbell is when he was cut from tryouts. He used that as fuel and still does to this day. He emphasized how this event was not only traumatizing but permanently place a chip on his shoulder.

    “ Whenever I feel complacent and not feeling myself, I think about being cut and it always reminds me of that chip on that shoulder,” emphasized Campbell.

    Although, this chip is permanent Campbell is still grateful for his opportunities. He believes in destiny, meaning, everything happens for a reason. Campbell elaborates more on the topic, he believes that if he was never cut in the first place, he could never reach his full potential going forward. Humility is the first sign of growth and sometimes he takes a deep breath and realizes how far he’s come. One would agree, if anyone came from getting cut in high school to playing professionally overseas this would change many perspectives’ outlook on life.

    “Basketball helped change my life for the better, it saved my life,” Campbell said . “Basketball became my outlet and helped me control my emotions and mental.”

    Aspirations beyond basketball

    Campbell has launched a clothing company, Dif-fer-ent , inspired to represent misunderstood youth and adults. When he was younger, he explains in great detail how uncomfortable he always felt because of the lack of understanding of his peers.  In five years, while he possibly may be out of his prime by then, he wishes to focus on the business aspect of things. Campbell wishes to help make his business grow and help change people’s lives going forward.

    In conclusion, when Campbell was asked, “What would he like to leave behind for younger generations to relate to or follow?” he responded:

    “For the younger generation, don’t be so quick to give up. When success comes it’s much more meaningful when you go through the storm and come out victorious versus being handed success.”

    “For the older generation, never believe it’s too late. There will always be opportunities for people to capitalize and there will never be a time where it’s not okay to pursue your dreams,” continued Campbell.

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