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    Emir Returns With His Authentic New Single “100 Times”

    Emerging American rapper and songwriter Emir recently released a stunning new single called “100 Times,” which fully displays the artist’s brilliant artistic skills. He has done well in utilizing well-thought lyrics into an energetic instrumentation that brings a unique vibe to the song.

    Emir recently answered our 3 unique questions during a chat. Read on to see his responses.

    To start, we asked for his introduction, including his name, age, and where he’s from (sharing as much or as little as he’s comfortable with).

    Emir: Hey there. Noble supporters of language enhancement and interpersonal interactions, kindly permit me to present myself for your awareness. My nom de plume is Emir with regards to hip-hop music composition using rap lyrics which amalgamates in itself an expression of art and skillset formed over time as an adept producer and audio engineer for over twelve years now while primarily based in Boise region within Idaho state located on U.S soil.

    My progenitor lineage can be traced back to Bosnia, where our forbears sought refuge at different times during periods of war conflict resulting in their dislocation from prior residential localities for their safety until after events reached a conclusion leading eventually to resettlement opportunities abroad, fascinatingly providing me assimilation chances into American culture vistas at about age one which subsequently made Idaho community a fixed abode we call home when I clocked seven years old.

    HYPEFRESH: Can you tell us about your new single, “100 Times”?
    Emir: I wrote, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered this track independently. I create music that revolves around the concept of feeling mentally trapped. This piece represents a precise moment in my life, capturing the essence of my state of mind. It’s about being stuck in my head for the 100th time.

    HYPEFRESH: What do you like most about being a music artist?
    Emir: What I like most about being a music artist is the constant discovery. There’s always more to learn about music theory, myself, others, producing, etc. I aspire to dedicate my entire existence to this pursuit.

    The prospect of expanding my knowledge and skills indefinitely exhilarates me since the endeavor would entail an unceasing stream of enlightenment and fresh domains for personal development.

    Stream “100 Times” on Spotify
    Connect with Emir: Spotify | YouTube | Instagram

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