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    Eminem’s Music Video Honors Juice WRLD

    Eminem Drops New Music Video

    The music video for “Godzilla” off of Music to Be Murdered By dropped yesterday. “Godzilla” is one of the more memorable songs off of the album. The song is comprised of Eminem’s typical quick-paced flow and vulgar lyrics.

    The talented but young rapper, Juice WRLD, who passed away this past December, sings the chorus for this track. Although Juice WRLD is not in the music video for “Godzilla”, the video pays tribute to him in multiple ways.

    “Godzilla” Pays Tribue to Juice WRLD

    At one point during the music video, Eminem is seen rapping upon a stack of CDs from throughout his career. Along with this, there are CDs seen for Juice WRLD, such as Deathrace For Love and Goodbye & Good Riddance.

    Eminems Music Video Honors Juice WRL1 (1)

    The video ends with a tribute to Juice WRLD. It features audio of inspiring words from the rapper as well as text thanking Juice for changing the world with his music. It goes to speak of how his memory will live on, and the fact that he will not be forgotten.

    The message from Juice WRLD in the audio at the end of the music goes to speak of why fans will remember him and appreciated his work. Juice speaks of aiming to achieve something every day and be proud of what you are doing. He ends it off with words of hope for anyone going through tough times right now.

    Check out the music video starting at 3:45 to see the tribute to Juice WRLD and hear what he has to say.

    Final Thoughts

    Eminem is nearly 50 years old but still dropping tracks. It is crazy to think that The Slim Shady LP, his second album, dropped back in 1999. It has been over two decades since his career began, but Eminem is keeping the fire burning.

    “Godzilla” is a fun listen. One always enjoys hearing some fast lines by Eminem. The song has a nice bonus of a feature from recently deceased artist Juice WRLD. The music video that dropped yesterday goes to pay tribute to Juice WRLD in a few ways. Check out the video using the above link to give the song and listen and see what Eminem has in store.

    What are your guy’s thoughts though?

    Are you glad to hear Shady keeping it up after all these years? Did you enjoy the tribute to Juice WRLD? And what do you think of the music video for this song?

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