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    Emilio Rojas Has”Green Card” Issues In New Music Video

    Emilio Rojas, the talented New York rapper, takes on a significant issue in today’s society with his powerful new music video, “Green Cards,” directed by Pico Shaw. Addressing immigration challenges, Rojas delivers thought-provoking verses over DJ Hoppa’s production, shedding light on the struggles immigrants face when crossing borders in search of a better life for their families.

    Rojas shares the importance of this song, stating, “It’s about the triumph of the underdog. As a Latino and the son of an immigrant from Venezuela, I understand the journey many people from around the world undertake to come to the United States and pursue their dreams. The song embodies aspiration, and the video brings it to life.”

    “Green Cards” holds personal significance for Rojas, growing up in a single-parent household with an immigrant father from Caracas, Venezuela. His life experiences have shaped his artistry, making it immersive and relatable. Each trauma, triumph, moment of self-doubt, and unwavering conviction expressed in his music allows listeners to feel connected, as if experiencing it alongside him.

    “Green Cards” is just one standout single among Rojas’ impressive collection, which includes tracks like “Okay Okay,” “Voodoo Doll,” and “Sturdy.”

    Be sure to watch the compelling music video below and stream “Green Cards” to delve into Rojas’ impactful message.
    Check out the video below and stream “Green Cards” here.

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