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    Emei Release A New Single Titled “Backtrack”

    Emei, an up-and-coming artist, has just unveiled her latest single titled “Backtrack.” With her captivating vocals, expressive lyrics, and clever charm, she delivers an infectious dose of viral alt-pop.

    Emei is a brilliant artist who only has a flair for precise slots and contemporary poetry, which she has countless times blended seamlessly with a nostalgic pop-punk sound.

    “Backtrack” is a song with exquisite voice dialogues in a character of excellence with the irresistible instrumental groove, enrapturing with a perfect chorus that invites audiences into her world, leading them through her relatable reflection on young adult life.

    Emei has gained a strong following in the past year thanks to her captivating stage presence fueled by a genuine passion for songwriting and storytelling.

    Stream “Backtrack” on Spotify 

    Connect with Emei: TikTok | Twitter | Instagram 

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