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    Embiid, Triple H rings bell; Sixers-Hawks loss.

    Round 2: Sixers-Hawks Game 1

    The sixers move on to round 2 of the NBA Eastern Conference finals. Triple H Rings bell with Embiid to start the game. Of course, there was uncertainty whether the agressive Joel Embiid would play Sixers-Hawks game 1. At the last minute, 2 hours before the game, it was decided he would play. However, the sixers didn’t take the game as easily as they may have thought. No, Sixers-Hawks loss was unexpected. But, it’s not doom and gloom as a loss was bound to happen at some point. Hopefully, Philly will learn their lessons and come back stronger in game 2.

    Embiid, Triple H Rings the bell in fan service fashion to Wrestling Dx.

    Embiid Triple H Rings bell
    Embiid, Triple H Rings bell to start off NBA Eastern Conference playoffs. Game 1 of Round 2. Sixers-Hawks loss despite Embiid’s strong performance on injured knee. Philadelphia 76ers | Twitter

    Triple H dropped by in Philly today at the NBA Playoffs Sixers-Hawks Game 1. The WWE Hall of Famer joined Joel Embiid, fresh off an injury to his knee, to kick off Eastern Conference Semifinal series against the Atlanta Hawks at the Wells Fargo Center, today. Triple H rings the 76ers’ Liberty Bell with the use of his sledgehammer but not before both He and Joel paid hommage yet again to DX.

    Doc Rivers on Sixers-Hawks Loss

    “I thought they hit us in the mouth to start the game,” coach Doc Rivers said. “I thought they were the more physical team. they were the more aggressive team. They played harder early, and they took care of the ball early. We didn’t. You can’t have nine turnovers at the start of the first quarter and expect to be up.”

    -Round 2 -Sixers-Hawk game 1

    Sixers-Hawks Loss, the Numbers

    Philly  lost despite shooting 54.9% from the floor, including 34.5% (10 of 29) on 3-pointers. Sixers played sloppy, committing 19 turnovers and allowed the No. 5 seed Hawks to make 51.2% of their field goal attempts and 20 of 47 3-pointers (42.6%). As Docs remarks above, the sixers can’t expect to win if they commit 9 turnovers at the start of the first quarter.

    Maybe, it was a false sense of confidence with Embiid back and playing, they expected to dominate. Philly’s sixers certaintly have what it takes to dominate . However,this game taught them they can’t rely on one or two players and they have to play a strong game cohesively, meaning they cannot make mistakes like this moving forward.

    Joel Embiid speaks about playing on a torn meniscus and how that may impact the level of his game.

    “Dealing with a torn meniscus is challenging. I just need to keep managing it, give my best effort, receive adequate treatment, and prevent excessive swelling. Naturally, there will be pain, but that’s to be expected.”

    Joel Embiid continued speaking about managing the pain that comes with that type of injury and doing what it takes to perform and compete alongside his teammates.

    “It’s about managing and doing whatever it takes to win because my ultimate goal is to become a champion. I’m willing to sacrifice my body to ensure that outcome. I’ll give it my all.”

    Doc Rivers was more uneased than Embiid, who was determined to play.

    “I did not like him on the floor at that point because I didn’t want him doing those things if you want me to be honest.”

    Embiid’s injury had the coach worry. And rightfully so, if Embiid injured himself further, it could mean he was out the rest of the season which would no doubt impact their chances. So, Doc was being cautious in his game plan.

    “That’s why we told him to stand back (on defense). Those are the ones you get injured on…I thought he played in a space that he was safe other than that last three minutes.”

    Sixers lose to the Atlanta Hawks
    Sixers-Hawks Game 1 Embiid, Triple H Rings bell to start off NBA Eastern Conference playoffs. Game 1 of Round 2. Sixers-Hawks loss despite Embiid’s strong performance on injured knee. Philadelphia 76ers | Twitter

    Sixers-Hawks Loss, Embiid Plays well despite injury.

    In the end, Embiid finished with a career high total  39 points, 9 rebounds, and 3 blocks. Again, Embiid’s contribution despite playing quite well on an injury, was not enough to secure the win because the team made some errors and didn’t play as strongly as Philly fans were used to. Either way, there’s still life in this series and a chance to come out with a win at the end of the series.

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