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    Edgar Homeros Drops Soulful Debut EP ‘Volatile’ with New Single “Won’t Wait”

    Swedish breakout artist Edgar Homeros has been making waves since his debut single, ‘Centerfolds.’ Now he’s back with his debut EP, ‘Volatile,’ a personal diary of his musical expression. Written and produced in the same room where he started making music a couple of years ago, the EP is a diverse collection of seven tracks that showcase Edgar’s influences from his childhood idols and contemporary artists.

    The EP’s latest single, “Won’t Wait,” comes with an inspired music video referencing a scene from the classic French film “Breathless” by Jean Luc Godard. Edgar takes you on a soul-stirring, emotive voyage, his velvety vocals intertwining seamlessly with an irresistible beat that will undoubtedly beckon you to press play once more.
    Edgar’s unique sound has caught the attention of tastemakers in Sweden, and his future looks bright. With “Volatile,” he has created a bold statement that showcases his artistry and talent. This is only the beginning for the multi-talented artist, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

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