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    East Atlanta’s The Letter M Competes To Be The Best On ‘Havin’

    How many people can say they made a difference in the music game? There are different ways to make a difference. But to me, the most impressive way to make a difference is by carving your own path and going against the norm. This will, in turn, inspire more artists to take a chance on themselves. That’s why I look up to East Atlanta artist, The Letter M.

    Unique Journey

    He started off as a songwriter, lending his talents to artists in need. After realizing his true potential as an artist, he took it upon himself to take music more seriously as a solo artist. With his roots being in writing, it didn’t take long for The Letter M to find his rhythm when it comes to spitting hot bars. He didn’t have to go through the typical growing pains that most artists struggle with. Instead, he had already devised a master plan of how he planned to take over the rap game, one verse at a time.

    Bringing That Heat

    Recently, he released “HAVIN”, the first single from his upcoming album. After listening, it made me reminisce about a time when lyrical rap like this was being put in the spotlight. This is the type of music that needs to be promoted on the radio. The Letter M knows how to make a radio-worthy hit that simultaneously contains a meaningful message.

    The accompanying music video for “HAVIN”, might be better than the song for how well it was shot. Directed by Something To Say Productions, the video feels like a scene straight out of a sci-fi action flick. We see M maneuver in his fancy drip, giving us his best James Bond impression. More artists need to create extravagant music videos, as M did for this one. In just 3 minutes, he was able to tell a full story and visually promote his record.

    Since M embarked on his journey, he has always found new ways to reinvent himself. He is certainly a legend in the making, and the next big thing out of Atlanta. Be sure to check out the video for “HAVIN” and follow The Letter M on Instagram.

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