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    Atlanta Rapper Champ Santiago Asserts Himself In “What’s The Price”

    To get your music heard by the world, a crazy work ethic is essential as a music artist. No exaggeration, but you have to get it out of the mud and grind. Because attention spans are lower than ever, so you have to go the extra lengths to leave an impression. A determined rapper coming from Atlanta who goes by Champ Santiago has recently grabbed my attention, for his resilience to be the best.

    I feel Champ Santiago has already paid his dues in full. Before he even dropped any music, he did all the necessary homework on all the prominent artists. His focus was to find out how they processed music and maintained their staying power in this tough industry. So many artists hold themselves back by not doing the proper research and he didn’t want to make the same mistakes.

    Sharpest Tool in the Shed

    Bright as they come, his art allows him to express his intelligence and wealth of knowledge. When I listen to him, I’m so amazed by his lyrical wordplay and creative references. He never bites his tongue in his raps either, always calling a spade a spade.

    Earned a Spot at the Table

    His new single, “What’s The Price” proves why he deserves a seat at the big table. Not too many songs left a stain on my brain and made me analyze the state of music. Champ exposes all the facades and B.S. that bigger artists perpetrate. He just wants them to stop the flexing and keep it real with themselves.

    Champ also killed it performing this new song with his live performance on Rooftop Vybez. You can feel the passion and intensity in his voice, and how badly he wants to get to the top. His approach to bringing a vintage flow is needed, in a city like Atlanta.

    He separates himself from the pack by having an incomparable sound.

    Be sure to check out Champ Santiago’s new song “What’s The Price”.




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