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    Dustystaytrue Protects His Heart On ‘Ironman’

    If there is anything in the world that you should protect with your life it’s your heart. It’s not your wallet or keys, but it’s your heart. You can get duplicates made of those other things but not your heart. You only get one of those. Connecticut artist Dustystaytrue perfectly understands this logic and lets everyone know in his new song, “Ironman”.

    There are a lot of things you can buy insurance for, but heart insurance isn’t one of them. I’m glad Dusty is reminding people to be cautious. So often we let our guards down and allow people who we normally wouldn’t into our circle.

    After being disappointed so many times, Dusty realized it was time for something different. He knew he had to make changes in his life to prevent the same outcome from happening again. Fresh off of tour with label mate New York artist Toosii, Dusty has been locked in with music more than he’s ever been. His new single shows how he shut out all distractions to focus on his journey.

    Lack of Male Vocalists

    Similar to Toosii, Dusty also has a remarkable voice and puts it to work on this song. In a way, black men singing is somewhat taboo because so many people look at it as the opposite of masculine. This is ridiculous when you think about it. So, I’m glad that Dusty is confident in his vocal abilities and that he doesn’t try to hide his talents.

    Fiery Finale

    The fiery music video is the perfect visual to match the intense vibe of the song. My artistic interpretation of the video is that being hurt over and over and has left Dusty numb. We see him sitting in a house burning in fire and being unaffected by the madness. As he reflects on his life in the song, you can’t help but think about how he made it through the fire and ultimately found success.

    If you don’t learn anything from this song, Dusty wants you to keep your head on a swivel when it comes to love. Please do yourself a favor and check out Dustystaytrue’s new single and blazing new video for “Ironman”. Then, let us know what you think of it by leaving a comment!

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