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    Drumma Boy Fresh music empire reigns supreme in 2021

    The Birth of a mastermind

    “Still Can’t Believe It” goes beyond being another successful track by Grammy-winning producer Drumma Boy Fresh. It showcases the remarkable talent and humility of Drumma Boy Fresh.

    For more than ten years, his unique sound revolutionized the Hip-Hop and R&B genres at all levels. From the start, Drumma Boy Fresh has let his production skills speak for themselves, without the need for excessive self-promotion.

    Family of music

    Being born from music royalty, Drumma Boy Fresh parents blessed him with a unique genius DNA. His mother, Billie Baker Gholson, earned a degree with financial honors from Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music.

    Billie Baker Gholson became the African American to accomplish this historic achievement. Born with a heavenly voice and performed as an opera singer.

    G. James Gholson, his father, is a born musical mastermind. The Memphis Symphony Orchestra gave upon him the rank of ‘First Chair.’ G. James Gholson made history as the first African American to hold this highly acclaimed position.

    The sound of Drumma Boy Fresh

    When you sit back and listen to the records Drumma Boy has produced, it’s a movie-like experience. ‘Shawty’ (Plies), Money to Blow (Drake), No Hands (Waka Flocka Flame), Put On (Jeezy), and Here I Am (Rick Ross) represent a small sample size of his God-given extraordinary production ability.

    Every time I listen to ‘Here I Am, I feel like treating my lady to the night of her life. The piano keys, baselines, vocal Midas Touch of Avery Storm, infused with Nelly and Rick Ross’ iconic rap verses, are ‘audio gold.’

    The reign continues in 2021

    Drumma Boy Fresh music continues to dominate Hip-Hop and R&B music in 2021 in addition to that His music production connects with Millennials and resonating strongly with Generation Z consumers.

    Drumma Boy’s latest music releases, ‘Still Can’t Believe It,’ Wifi and Hulk Smash have each exceeded over 1,000,000 streams similarly his most recent single, ‘Wake Up,’ is climbing the charts and shaking up rap music.

    Undoubtedly, his brand continues to empower, educate, and inspire the upcoming rap legends.

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