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    Drive Thru Alumni’s “22” Takes Listeners on a Lofi Indie Pop Journey

    Drive Thru Alumni, the Nashville-based producer duo of Parker Forbes and Brandon Kelly. Has released a new single that will captivate music lovers. “22” feat. Dori Valentine is a lo-fi indie pop song that features smooth vocals and catchy beats, making for an enjoyable listening experience.

    This song leads listeners through the rollercoaster of young adulthood, its lyrics resonating with the challenges of finding one’s footing in the world. Dori Valentine’s vocals are hauntingly beautiful and add emotional depth to the song.
    “22” showcases Drive Thru Alumni’s signature sound that blends different genres seamlessly. The duo’s ability to create music that is both relatable and unique is a testament to their talent as producers. Drive Thru Alumni continues to impress with their ability to create music that is both reflective and enjoyable, and “22” is no exception.


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