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    Dreezy Makes A Shout-Out To All The Female Rappers

    Female celebrities don’t easily make friends in the industry. Several famous personalities like Cardi B and Lady Gaga have spoken out about the hardships they face when it comes to maintaining friendships. Additionally, the media loves stirring up drama between female celebs. Fortunately, women have decided to change the narrative. Female rappers have especially shown more appreciation for their fellow emcees. Chicago rapper Dreezy gave a shout-out to all the female rappers in the game right now.

                Dreezy’s Shout-Out To Female Emcees

    via Pitchfork

    Women in the HipHop industry have been villainized for far too long. Fortunately, rappers like Dreezy stand by her HipHop sisters and shower them with praise. The Chicago rapper knows what it’s like not to receive the notoriety female rappers deserve. Even though so many female rappers have taken over HipHop, many of their achievements go unnoticed. Dreezy made a shout-out to all the upcoming female emcees who rap fans have “slept on.”

    On Monday, the Chicago rapper took to Twitter to support the new faces of female rap music. “Lyrical Female Rappers appreciation tweet, just cus the ppl sleep. Rapsody. Chika. Lady London. Omeretta. Tierra Whack. No Name. Yung MA. Snow Da Product. Dreezy. Add to the list, put somebody on today,” the rapper tweeted on Monday. Additionally, Dreezy made a shout out to a few other female emcees such as Cupcakke, Lakeyah and B.I.A. Dreezy certainly has love for all the rap Queens out there.

                            Dreezy Praises Nicki Minaj

    via Entertainment Weekly

    Even though Dreezy gave a shout-out to all the rising female emcees in the industry, she makes it clear that there’s only one GOAT amongst all of them. The “Serena” rapper made sure to praise Nicki Minaj as the “GOAT,” noting that the iconic emcee has been “slept on” as well. Many agree that Nicki Minaj deserves all the praise in the world. Afterall, she basically paved the way for upcoming female emcees like Dreezy to flourish in the HipHop industry.

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