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    Drake’s New Album: For All the Dogs, But What Type of Dogs Are We Talking About?

    Drake’s ‘For All The Dogs’ Album: Hits and Misses on a Journey to Rediscover His Groove

    When Drake, the world’s biggest artist, drops new music, it’s always a major event. He’s known for churning out timeless hits, and his fanbase expects nothing less. But “For All The Dogs” is a bit different. It seems like Drake is either singing about guys or using a new word to refer to the ladies he meets.

    This is Drake’s eighth studio album, and there was a lot of anticipation leading up to its release. He even postponed the release date, promising to bring back the “old Drake” we all loved. However, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where that old Drake is in this album. It feels like he might be stuck in a rut due to his immense success or perhaps there’s no competition pushing him to find that spark.

    The album is packed with impressive guest appearances from artists starting from 21 Savage, J. Cole, SZA, and a host of others. So you would expect it to be a straight club banger on arrival but replay after replay, you are left wondering where really the depth and substance lies in the whole mass. Drake can have anything he wants, but his rise in the rap game used to inspire others to chase their dreams.

    Unfortunately, “For All The Dogs” falls short of that. The first song, “Virginia Beach,” is yet another emotional Drake lamenting about a past relationship. Let’s be real, Drake can have any woman he wants, and his drug references are becoming played out.

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    Of course, we all enjoy the chemistry between Drake and 21 Savage. Songs like “Rich Flex,” “Jimmy Cooks,” and “Mr. Right Now” with Metro Boomin showcase their connection. However, the skit at the end of “Calling For You” was quite off-putting, with a girl complaining about flying economy instead of first class. NEXT!

    There have been calls against misogyny throughout the album, and they have some merit. The toxic masculinity on “For All The Dogs” can sometimes even surpass what we’ve heard from Future on his worst days. Ironically, “What Would Pluto Do” is a prime example where Drake tries to channel his inner spirit from “What A Time To Be Alive,” but it feels cringe-worthy as he talks about slipping Cialis into his lady’s drink for the night. If you missed it, the lyrics are pretty uncomfortable.

    And that’s just the third song – there are 20 more to go. You might be excited about the Sexyy Red and SZA feature on “Rich Baby Daddy,” but even that track was a challenge to get through. Hearing the words “ass” and “coochie” repeatedly, and Drake rapping about being rich, loses its charm after a while.

    The lead single, “Slime You Out,” with SZA could have been a beautiful track if it had focused more on SZA’s vocals. There’s also an interlude called “BBL Love.” It would have been nice to see Drake use his platform for something more meaningful. Even if it’s “for all the dogs,” can we bring back some class and respect?

    And when all else failed, one of hip-hop’s greats came to the relief in J. Cole. My best song off the album could just be “First Person Shooter.” J. Cole delivered some beautiful verses for his standards, only for Drake to come after and make the song about his relationship problems again.

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