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    Drake’s Bodyguard Is Impressed With His “Work Ethic”

    Stars and musicians have fans for days. In addition, these people idolize them all the time. Recently, Drake’s bodyguard Mike Van Wyck noted that he enjoys working with the Her Loss rapper. In fact, he’s impressed by the Grammy-winner’s “work ethic.” Clearly, the bodyguard knows how to pick the right clients to work with. 

    Drake’s Bodyguard Commends The Rapper On Being A Hard Worker

    Drake's bodyguard

    Being a celebrity is more than just glitz, glam and smoke screens. In actuality, most artists actually work hard for all they have. Most recently, Drake’s bodyguard Mike Van Wyck had to give his client his “flowers” after taking note of the rapper’s work ethic. 

    During a recent interview with Money Bus Happiness, Wyck noted that Drake works nonstop. Additionally, he offered that he’s impressed by the OVO rapper’s ability to perform night after night without fail. “Watch them go out night after night-especially on the tours and perform, it’s robotic,” Wyck said, before adding for good measure, “In a very positive way. Not in a negative way.”

    The bodyguard thought he had a great work ethic but he has to admit, it’s definitely nowhere near Drake’s level. The guy just hopped off the Apollo Theater stage in New York. He’s certainly an impressive talent. 

    He’s A Good Friend To Confide In

    The professional bodyguard has a deeper fondness for the Certified Lover, Boy, though. While he’s impressed by his worth ethic, Wyck also noted that the OVO rapper has been very supportive of him throughout his life. Apparently, the two have become really good friends over the years.

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