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    Drake’s 10 Best B Side Songs

    Aubrey Graham, previously known as Drake, is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished Hip Hop artists ever. With a successful solo album career and notable collaborations with stars like Jay Z and 21 Savage, Drizzy has achieved it all. Every artist has their standout tracks and those that may have been overlooked. In anticipation of his upcoming concert featuring his lesser-known songs, here are Drake’s top 10 B-Side tracks.


    Drake showcased his wisdom and talent in this remarkable track. Drawing from his Degrassi background, he reveals deep insights and shares his experiences with a touch of Kanye-esque sound. The song is an intriguing exploration of the complexities in relationships and is certainly worth checking out.

    Down Hill

    This song sets the stage for the upcoming collaboration album by 21 Savage and Drake. Its tranquil atmosphere and captivating instrumentals evoke a feeling of dancing on a midnight beach. While the album “Honestly Nevermind” faced its fair share of negative reviews, the track “Down Hill” deserves more recognition as an underrated gem.

    305 to my city

    This song stands out on the list with its captivating chorus. It’s perfect for those late-night drives, celebrating a victorious day, or reminiscing about your special someone. Drake’s album “Nothing Was The Same” was filled with numerous hits, so it’s understandable that this particular song may have been overshadowed by the others.

    Jodeci (Freestyle) feat. J. Cole

    The relaxed beat perfectly complements the styles of Drake and J. Cole in this song. Once again, Drake opens up about his life, and it sounds great. The impressive vibes of the beat make you wonder why Rick Ross wasn’t featured. J. Cole delivers his usual exceptional verses, resulting in a successful track.

    How Bout Now

    This song is ideal for those moments when you want to show off in front of your ex. With a contemporary R&B vibe, Drake confidently reminds his former partner that they made a regrettable decision. It’s another testament to the fact that if you date Drake, chances are you’ll become a subject of his next album.

    Say What’s Real

    Once the Kanye beat kicks in, it sends shivers down your spine. The unforgettable blend of young Drake’s vocals with the iconic 808’s and Heartbreak instrumental ensures that this track is bound to be exceptional. As time passed, the song became a prime example of the future direction of hip hop.

    Is There More

    Another mellow beat for Drake to express himself on…
    If you overlook the numerous Instagram-like captions he uses as metaphors at the start of the song, the rest is highly enjoyable. Take a listen to experience another heartfelt conversation between Aubrey Graham and the beat.

    The Ride

    A triumphant beat reminiscent of Rick Ross, with Drake’s signature flow on the outro. These songs feel like a personal diary for the Canadian rapper. When he opens up about his emotions, don’t expect a traditional hook or chorus.

    Going in for life

    Baby Drake was fully present on this track…
    This is when Drizzy was young, soft-spoken, yet still driven to create hits. You can hear the youthful tone in his voice as he almost whispers over an intro-like instrumental. Another tranquil song filled with lines that could pass as Instagram captions, and no attempt at a hook.

    Between Us

    Another older track showcasing a younger and hungrier version of the Canadian artist. This song carries an energetic vibe, suitable for playing at a hookah lounge or during a timeout at a sports game.
    These are Aubrey “Drake” Graham’s top 10 B-side songs. Did I accidentally omit any songs from this list? Can new albums compete with timeless classics like Take Care and Nothing Was The Same? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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